Se arman Protestas en Convenciones Democratas y Republicanas en EE.UU.,Aqui Tambien se pelea por la Liberacion.


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1965 - 2012.Hacia el 47 Aniversario de la Rojinegra.

MIR, Chile, poder popular, resistencia, revolucionarios,


Entonces… ¿cuáles son las exigencias? y ¿hacia dónde se dirigen?

La Rebeldia de L@s Inmigrant@s.

Actualizada Diariamente. 

New York,Bronx,Manhattan,Brooklyn,

Queens,Staten Island.

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   5 de Agosto - 2012 

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Texto en inglés traducido por Mercedes Camps. Edición: María Eva Blotta y Democracy Now! en español,

2007 - 2012 Five years after the arrest of Victor Toro in the United States

"The true man does not look to where he can live better; he looks to where he can assume a commitment. He is the practical man, whose dream today will be the law tomorrow. He has seen the cries of his people boiling over, bleeding over the centuries. He knows that his fate is intertwined with his commitment.” José Marti
Five years have passed since my arrest on July 7, 2007 in the city of Buffalo (Rochester) after which I was transferred to the Cayuga jail .
At the time of my arrest and the charges pressed against me, I was accused of one crime: the violation of immigration law whose consequence would be deportation if I was not able to pay $5,000 bail to set me free. That would enable me to continue the legal process for the crime of having illegally entered the United States by way of the Bravo River from El Paso city, coming from Juarez City, Mexico on January 23, 1984.
The agency that carried out the detention is known as the US Border Patrol. I was detained in the city of Rochester in an Amtrak train when I was traveling towards New York City.

After spending several days in the Cayuga jail and having paid the bail, I was freed and we initiated the defense for my rights as an immigrant as well as the rights and defense of more than 12 million undocumented who have lived and continue to live in the United States.

Our first battle was to have the case transferred from Buffalo to New York the city where the Judges are known for their connections with the Ku Klux Klan. We were able to gain the transfer and as such, we gained a tiny victory.

While we were preparing a defense together with Carlos Moreno, the lawyer, the idea arose to apply for political asylum given my past history of political persecution, of being expelled, exiled and jailed by the Pinochet dictatorship. During that time, I was tortured and sent to various concentration camps and torture centers of the fascist regime that governed Chile for 17 years. This also permitted us to demonstrate the interference of the United States in the military coup of September 11, 1973, as well as the military support in the cover-up of torture. It permitted us to expose Operation Condor, the support of the Chicago boys, the IMF, the Pentagon, and US authorities from the era of the sinister war criminal Henry Kissinger. That was what we did, applying for political asylum and we uncovered the faces of those responsible for what occurred in Chile, namely the overthrow and assassination of President Salvador Allende, and the subsequent violation of human rights by Pinochet and his gang. We were thus transformed from the accused to the accusers of the Yankee government. That permitted an unusual coverage in the media in the gringo, Latino and international press in repeated stories we began to make a case against imperialism in the belly of the beast.

In giving priority to the struggle of more than 12 million undocumented, to their struggle for legalization; to the battles against deportation and raids; to the work around May 1st from 2006 onward; to the activism in the Bronx; to the courts; to the hip-hop era youth, women and homeless; to the poor and marginalized by the crisis that threatened the richest of the world, and after the long and tiring sessions in the Manhattan court, now after almost 3 years, la Migra and the government of the United States reached for papers in the dirty files of the CIA, the FBI and their ex collaborators of the DINA Secret Service. With the help of the Chilean embassy a mountain of new accusations came up for being a member of a revolutionary organization in Chile, the MIR from 1965 onward.
These thugs dressed as 21st century attorneys, based on newspaper accounts, accuse the MIR of being a terrorist organization, something they were never able to demonstrate since the papers sent by agents of the United States and the bandits of the Pinochet regime were nothing more than articles cut from some daily newspapers. There were also anonymous declarations from Chile as well as the United States. There were not even declassified papers from the Pentagon that were able to prove these falsehoods.
Reference was made in a variety of publications about my connections and membership in the MIR. I was considered by the attorneys to be an accomplice to terrorism and this new wave of accusations led to profound debates and public interrogations about these themes. This led the judge to deny the accusations that the attorneys made against me with regard to terrorism. Despite the fact that Judge Sarah Burr denied me political asylum, paradoxically they did not arrest me and did not deport me. On the contrary, they gave me the right to appeal. We have fought this anti-imperialist battle for five years in the very heartland of those guilty of military coups not only in Chile, but in all of Latin America.

Today we are proceeding under the direction of the legal clinic of the University of the City of New York, MAIN STREET LEGAL SERVICES, INC., the CUNY School of Law, under the supervision of the lawyer Elizabeth Newman and the Immigrant and Refugee Rights Clinic.

With them we have continued along a new road with new and old demands under different circumstances, following the decision of the Judge Sarah Burr, the appeal was made and a new legal pathway was opened which consists of the following: 

1. Follow-up with the petition for family reunification given the fact that I have remained in the United States for more than 10 years, having lived for 28 years in this country. For being married to a North American citizen, having a resident daughter and granddaughter who is 100% gringa born in the land of Malcolm X and Rosa Parks.

2. We will return once again to the question of political asylum with new arguments, once again accusing US imperialism for intervention in Chile yesterday and today. We will describe in detail the existence of the tentacles of Pinochetism and their followers today dressed with shirt and tie in the government of the entrepreneurs. We will give justice to the heroic struggle of MIR against the dictatorship and throughout their history for this struggle to establish in Chile a democracy of the people, in service of the people.

3. We will pursue other legal options that are still secret and that over time will be made known.
As one can see after five years of being arrested, I continue to be in chains, immobilized, without permission to work, in the city and country converted into a jail. This is where 5 million human beings are imprisoned in their residences. Others have electronic bracelets imposed by the law. Others are on parole or freed on bail etc. etc. Almost 3 million human beings in this country are in jail. Some are in places like Guantanamo and others languish in clandestine jails in the exterior imposed by force by slavish governments.
After so many years of confronting adverse realities, on the 23rd of January 1984, I crossed El Rio Grande with the El Paso Times under my arm, with the help of Mexican revolutionaries. I did so after various attempts, arrests and returns to Juarez. I finally entered on that beautiful Sunday in an airplane that flew through the skies and helped me cross the border in order to enter the center of the imperial empire. Here I am once again in the 21st century in July of 2012.

It never crossed our minds to harbor any illusions about justice of the unjust Gringo courts. We could have ended up as another death, chalked up by the Chilean dictatorship while others look the other way. I was one of the founders of the MIR on August 15, 1965. I am a son of the working class and as a fighter for social justice. Our principal fronts of struggle are in the sweatshops, in the communities and in the countryside, together with the agrarian and urban workers. We work for community education and political education. We work to construct alternatives for those below, to roll over those above. We work for the poor and marginalized who are pounded by the current crisis. My life has become intertwined with the May 1st mobilizations and their unified coalitions. We work with Occupy Wall Street, with the unemployed, the homeless, and with lesbians and gays in their struggle for basic rights. We are there in the struggle against domestic violence and in defense of the original peoples. We struggle for the liberty of political prisoners. I dance with those who dance Salsa and Merengue. I sing with the brothers and sisters who do Hip Hop and Rock. I love the Mexican rancheras and the songs about the Mexican revolution. Through struggle, dance and song, I break the chains of oppression and gain a little bit of freedom. While I emancipate myself, I help in the emancipation of all my exploited and oppressed brothers and sisters of this earth.
Just as during that day that I left the Cayuga jail, I proclaimed that it is the right of immigrants to have health care, employment and education as well as immediate LEGALIZATION for the already 20 million undocumented persons here. They have a right to an immediate end to deportations and an end to the raids. All immigrants languishing in the jails and concentration camps have a right to their liberation in all cities across the United States.
No more construction of racist, anti-immigrant border walls!
No to false and fascist “Secure Communities”! This is state terrrorism!
No to Obama’s Anti-Terrorist Law, a law directed against workers and peasants, against popular leaders and activists! This is a violation of all civil and human rights!
Support Family Reunification! Support just salaries in accord with the law! No more slave labor! Support the 8  hour day! Support human and civil rights! Support the right to mobilization, to protests, marches and strikes! Support the right to rebellion against the system that keeps us oppressed! We must build autonomous power with our community organizations! WE MUST CREATE PEOPLES POWER ON A COMMUNITY LEVEL!



The Justice system, the attorneys, the Supreme Court and their decisions are worthless.

As Che said: never believe in imperialism!

Long live the bandit JOAQUIN MURIETA!

Long live Gabriela Mistral!
Long live ROSA PARKS!

Long live Zapata!
Long live Pancho Villa!

This is not just a life long struggle. We will continue until final victory!
Miguel Enriquez.

To all who have helped us with your letters, publications, interviews and testimonies we feel that you are part of our struggle and we appreciate you as our great family of fighters for social justice.
To all those who have ignored us to and who stay enclosed in your small sectarian sects with false internationalism, reconsider your ways because here in the belly of the monster, we struggle as part of the larger battle of the exploited and the poor of this world for their liberation.

Although you might not believe it, we will be victorious

by Victor Toro Ramirez, ex-political prisoner from the Pinochet dictatorship, with the order for deportation from the United States; founder of the MIR of Chile. Also arrested by LA MIGRA and today still undergoing  a legal process in the courts of the United States.
The Bronx, July 7, 2012
The day in which Melinka left the Cayuga jail in July 2007

"I do not want to be hanged in the public plaza as in the case of Joaquin Murieta in 1851" by Victor Toro as he left the Cayuga  jail in New York in July 2007.
To all those in solidarity around the world, to the immigrants and workers of the the United States.
Victor Toro Ramirez left the Cayuga jail, but he continues to be in the hands of La Migra and the Federal Government. For that, the struggle continues for his total freedom and for the unconditional amnesty for the 12 million immigrants considered to be illegal by the Anglo Saxon government. 
We thank with all our heart, the multifaceted solidarity coming from all corners of the world and for that we have been able to make a step forward, and to get our brother Victor out of jail. Nonetheless, our objective is amnesty for all.
Victor sends all of you his warm embrace and greetings. He is very strong and ready to face any consequences  in order to reach victory.
With history on our side, WE WILL WIN!
Total freedom for Victor!
Amnesty for the 12 million immigrants!
Legal papers for all NOW! 
No more raids by La Migra! 
Some tasks for those who want to support us:
1.    Send greetings and messages of support; write and reproduce publications in the press; translate and resend all that can circulate within the network.
2.    Provide economic support to pay the bail that the judge imposed.
3.    Send questionnaires for interviews by the press that Victor can respond to.
4.    Sponsor and carry out solidarity events with Victor Toro along with conferences, and various events to which Victor can send messages to.
5.    Produce a web site detailing Victor’s legal history and struggle.
6.    Put together and send testimonies of persons who knew Victor from any part of the world.
7.    Promote the formation of all types of organizations for the legal and informational defense, to denounce the judgment that is being developed against our brother Victor Toro Ramirez.
8.    Events can be developed on a  national level in the United States as well as on an international level.
9.    The situation of our brother Victor and his struggle is inseparable from the struggle of the immigrants of the whole world, as well as the struggle of the oppressed and discriminated, whether by color, sex, or social class. In the United States, it is inseparable from the battle for an unconditional amnesty now for more than 12 million undocumented persons .
10.  Wherever there is a friend, a brother or sister in the struggle for Melinka, one can take her own initiative to express solidarity and support.
Peña Movement of the Bronx
July 2007
The Case of Victor Toro: An Absurd Decision
The immigration judge, Sarah Burr has inexplicably negated the application for political asylum presented by Victor Toro. The evidence presented and the testimony of Victor Toro, were of such magnitude that no objective judge would be able to negate the petition for asylum presented by the ex-political prisoner from Chile.
Judge Burr concluded that Victor Toro has taken much time to present his application for asylum and the political conditions in Chile have changed sufficiently so that he can return to Chile without problems. That conclusion on the part of Judge Burr ignores the testimony presented by Victor Toro.
Victor Toro’s legal team expressed concern from the moment in which the lawyers for Homeland Security introduced the ghost of “terrorism” in the case of Victor Toro. The concern is that the accusation of terrorism, despite being unfounded would cause the court to decide the case in a manner that is not just or objective. The decision of Judge Burr demonstrates that our concern was valid.
How can there be a negation of political asylum for a man whose efforts on political and social levels represent the essence of what should be political asylum? How can the persecution suffered by Victor Toro during the military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet which was financed by the United States, be ignored? How can the risk be minimized that Victor Toro confronted then and would confront today as a target of Operation Condor?
                          APPEAL! APPEAL! APPEAL!
We will appeal what we consider to be an unjust, irrational and unexplainable decision. We will raise our voices so that the highest circles of power in the United States will hear us.
Carlos Moreno, Esq.

La isla celebra medio siglo de independencia en medio de serias dificultades económicas, pero orgullosa por las hazañas de su estrella mundial de atletismo, Usain Bolt.

Terminan testimonios en juicio contra Arpaio
Los abogados de la defensa y de la fiscalía deberán exponer ahora sus argumentaciones finales por... 8:19 PM
El aumento de detenciones ha generado un negocio lucrativo para las mayores... 10:19 AM
1 Opinan
México :: 05.08.12 
x Silvia Ribeiro 
"En México no existe tal Estado de derecho. Hay, en cambio, una desviación de poder: la ley se usa deliberadamente para favorecer a los ricos y poderosos"
Europa :: 04.08.12
x Miguel Urbano RodriguesLos actuales enemigos del pueblo, Passos y Compañía, instrumentos del capital y del imperialismo, caerán en el polvo de la Historia

Deuda nacional por las guerras imperiales

Manuel E. Yepe (05-08-2012)

La batalla gay del pollo
Isabel Piquer (05-08-2012)
La lucha por los derechos gay en Estados Unidos se ha trasladado a un campo de batalla inesperado: el pollo

Aug. 8: Occupy Gracie Mansion With the #OWS Disability Caucus

Posted 1 día ago on ago. 3, 2012, 3:58 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt
poster for disability caucus action
When: Wednesday, August 8th 2012, 5-7pm
Where: Gracie Mansion (88 E End Ave, NYC)
RSVP on Facebook | #OccupyGracieMansion
The 1% mayor of NYC is so sure he can buy anything and anyone, as easily as he bought the office of mayor, including an unprecedented third term.
In his attempt to transform our city into his own 1% fantasy land, he has created a police state: where minority citizens are daily terrorized with stop and frisk; where only the most healthy, wealthy and white are welcome, and the “unwanted” are driven out of their homes and neighborhoods; where peaceful protesters are attacked with pepper spray and batons, and brutally evicted from lovingly built unique realizations of true democracy.
The 1% mayor has shown nothing but contempt for the disability community, has stomped on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and bought high-placed defenders of corporate-power in order to use our law against us in court.
On Wednesday, August 8th, will you swallow the 1% mayor's lie that he wants to honor the ADA, play along with his hypocrisy, forget your dignity and disability pride? Or will you join the Disability Caucus of Occupy Wall Street and let the 1% mayor know we cannot be bought for a hamburger and a pat on the head?
5:00: Sound Demo (Bring your own drum/ noise maker)
5:30: People’s Picket (Bring your own protest Sign)
6:00: Community Feast (Bring your own favorite dish)
7:00: Sleepful Protest Planning Session (Bring your own sleeping bag)
This is a non-violent protest action open to all who are angry about the mayor's 1% policies, which continue to marginilize New Yorkers of all backgrounds.

LGBTQ people are part of 99%! - A National Call to LGBTQ people fro...

Posted 1 día ago on ago. 3, 2012, 11 a.m. EST by OccupyWallSt
coalition to march on wall st south poster, see below for info
via the Coalition to March on Wall St. South
Sunday, September 2nd, 2012 Charlotte, North Carolina
More info on the March
  • We demand equal access to employment, housing, healthcare, and education NOW! Equal Rights Now!
  • Show Your Outrage over Passing of North Carolina’s Anti-LGBTQ Marriage Amendment
  • Free LGBTQ activists CeCe McDonald& Pfc. Manning!
To Become an Endorser Email
LGBTQ People need Equal Rights and Economic Justice
As LGBTQ people in the United States, we have always had to fight for rights, dignity and even for our very lives. In this sexist, heterosexist, transphobic and homophobic society, LGBTQ people are targeted for violence from our youth to old age. LGBTQ oppression then intersects with racism, sexism, ageism, the oppression of immigrants, the exploitation as working people and other forms of oppression, intensifying the hardships we experience.
As LGBTQ people we are discriminated against when trying to find housing, health care and education, paid less as workers, fired for being who we are and then excluded from societal institutions like marriage. Marriage equality is, of course, not just about the recognition of our relationships and families, but it is rooted in fighting for economic justice. There are over 1,000 federally provided economic benefits that we are denied access to that are granted to heterosexual married people. We believe that all working people – married or single—should have access to affordable healthcare and health insurance. We also want to see an end to cuts in social services, including HIV/AIDS-related programs.
While many LGBTQ related victories have been highlighted in the media—such as securing marriage equality in some states or winning laws aimed at ending violence and bullying of LGBTQ youth in schools— the bottom line is that in 2012, we as LGBTQ people still do NOT have equal rights in the United States. Perfect examples of this include the failure of Congress to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) as well as the U.S. Court of Appeals, which overturned part of DOMA, still allowing individual states to deny legal recognition of same-sex marriages performed in other states.
Coupled with the global economic crisis, our second-class status has meant massive unemployment and homelessness for LGBTQ young people and foreclosures or evictions of LGBTQ individuals and families. LGBTQ people, like other working class people, live paycheck to paycheck and face devastating economic hardships, while the U.S. government continues to bail out Wall Street corporations and banks such as Bank of America and Wells Fargo.
Voice your Outrage at the Bank of America and Wells Fargo, and the Banning of LGBTQ Marriage in North Carolina
This is why we must continue to fight, especially in an election year, and shine the spotlight on the injustices and inequalities that we face. From September 1st to 6th, the Democratic National Convention (DNC) will be in hosted in Charlotte, North Carolina, home to both the headquarters of Bank of America and Wells Fargo as well as Bank of America Stadium. North Carolina is the second largest concentration of finance capital in the U.S. after New York City.
Also on May 8th, 2012, North Carolina took its ban on LGBTQ marriages one step further with the passage of Amendment One. As a result of Amendment One, the state constitution now defines marriage as “between one man and one woman,” reinforcing the ban on civil unions and domestic partnerships.
For these and many more reasons, progressive grassroots organizations, union activists, immigrant rights groups and student groups have come together across North Carolina to create the Coalition to March on Wall St South to organize a massive people’s demonstrations during the Democratic National Convention.
We, the LGBTQ organizers of the Coalition to March on Wall St. South want to take full advantage of the DNC media coverage, and are calling on LGBTQ people from all across the United States to join with us this September to demand:
  • Full rights and equality in society for LGBTQ people. End the Second Class Status of LGBTQ people in the US.
  • Stop the discrimination against LGBTQ People! Equal access to employment, housing, healthcare and education for LGBTQ people.
  • Demand LGBTQ marriage equality now! Overturn all of DOMA and all state laws that deny us full marriage equality. We are outraged about the passing of North Carolina’s Amendment One.
  • Free CeCe McDonald, a Black trans woman and activist imprisoned for manslaughter for defending herself and surviving a brutal racist and transphobic attack. We remember our transgender sisters Brandy Martell, Coko Williams and Paige Clay and countless other murdered trans and gender non-conforming people—Stop the Transphobic Violence Now!
  • Free LGBTQ military whistleblower Pfc. Manning, who is facing life in prison for exposing US genocide in Iraq.
It’s up to us to fight for what we need; we just can’t leave it up to the Democratic or the Republican parties. It was the LGBTQ movement, united with other political movements, that forced the US military to end “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” which threatened LGBTQ service people with expulsion if they didn’t stay in the closet.
We as LGBTQ have a proud history of being on the front lines of political movements - from the civil rights and women’s movement, to today’s fights against police brutality and against repressive deportations of undocumented people. Bi Black Author/Activist June Jordan, once said, “If you took all the gay people out of the movement, there wouldn’t be any movement!”
So it is up to us as LGBTQ peoples to organize for the economic justice and for equal rights! We are calling on LGBTQ people and organizations to:
  • Become an Endorser. Sign on as an individual /organization/group/school/union in support of a National LGBTQ Contingent for the March on Wall St. South on September 2nd. Email with your endorsement.
  • Come to Charlotte, NC during September 1st – 6th and participate in events of March on Wall Street South. See for details.
  • Bring your Banners and Signs & March with the LGBTQ Contingent of the March on Wall Street South on September 2nd.
  • Spread the word to your communities and constituents and help build the LGBTQ Contingent for the March on Wall St. South!

#YoSoy132 Blockades Mexico's Largest Media Company; Support Them At...

Posted 2 días ago on ago. 2, 2012, 4:39 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt
On July 26, 2012, members of the #YoSoy132 movement and other Mexican social movements held a siege of Televisa, Mexico's largest TV broadcaster and media conglomerate. Afterward, the following statement from the Student Assembly was read (translated by

Closing remarks from the siege of Televisa

The symbolic and peaceful siege of Televisa is an historic and unprecedented accomplishment, the first action directly resuming our program of struggle, particularly our number one point: the democratization and transformation of the media and dissemination of information, as our letter states: "We fight against media monopolies and oligopolies that concentrate and manipulate information, particularly in the current electoral context where collusion between political parties and media companies is evident." We note that the current model of commercial media, represented by Televisa and TV Azteca, are excluded from society and civil organizations in general. We believe that only the socialization and collective management of the media will allow for a true open media and guarantee the right to information and freedom of expression.
Summoned by shame, indignation, and suffering, we are here today at the gates of the media company which has been tasked to misinform and manipulate the Mexican people.
#YoSoy132 is a nonpartisan, nonviolent, autonomous, anti-neoliberal social, political, and student movement independent of the parties, candidates, and organizations who respond to an electoral program -- a democratic movement where decisions emanate from the local and general assemblies which has transcended the electoral situation and continues to be organized and to fight to profoundly transform Mexico, to act as a counterweight to any decision and policy that violates the rights and interests of our people.
We have taken to the streets and now surrounded the pack of lies which Televisa represents, and we are developing the cohesion and organization of the people by raising awareness and organizing to fight for: The democratization of media, information, and its dissemination; changing the education system, science, and technology; changing the neoliberal economic model, changing the national security model; promoting participatory democracy in connection with social movements; and changing the healthcare model.
Although this demonstration was entirely peaceful, as is the struggle of this movement, there was an unnecessary deployment of police elements that stopped us by surrounding the perimeter of Televisa's installations and extended the fence to the adjoining streets, impacting the roadways and the free movement of residents. After 24 hours of the massive fence, we demonstrated a high degree of organization and unity of effort between the YoSoy132 movement, the People's Front in Defense of the Earth, the EMS, the CNTE, and the other social organizations for successful completion of the first action agreed in the framework of the National Convention against Taxation, held in Atenco. This convention has the clear objective of defending democracy, preventing the imposition [of presumed President-elect Peña Nieto], and seeking profound transformation of the current state of Mexico.
The protest was sparked in large part by the"victory" of Peña Nieto, whom social movements claim was elected via fraud and manipulation, with only the vote of a tiny percentage of Mexico's total population. Peña Nieto is of the PRI, the party that ruled Mexico autocratically for 70 years. The National Commission of Human Rights has documented that Peña Nieto was directly responsible for violating the human rights of the people of Atenco in 2006 as they demonstrated for their land rights against neoliberal expansion. The events occured while he was the governor of the state of Mexico and included abuses by his security forces such as torture, illegal detentions, mass rape, and murder.
For background on #YoSoy132, who continue to draw tens of thousands to street demonstrations, see here. To support them locally, come to this event this Tuesday in New York:

Occupy Saks Fifth Avenue (Direct Action Against Carlos Slim)

Telecommunications magnate Carlos Slim is responsible for overcharging Mexico's rural poor over $129 billion. Slim owns TELMEX, a formerly public company that is now his private monopoly thanks to the neoliberal policies of the Mexican government. Carlos Slim, the richest man in the world, continues to build his telecommunications empire on the backs of Mexico's poor and crippling the nation's economic development. We will not stand for such abusive practices that exploit people just so that the richest man in the world can get richer.
Join Mexico's Dos Paises Una Voz, Yo Soy 132, labor & Occupy Wall Street activists as we confront Slim at Saks Fifth Avenue, where he owns the largest private stake. We will bum rush the store, and flood it with the 99% on August 7th at 4:30 PM....
Use the hash tag #OccupySaks

Everything For Everyone Festival, This Weekend In Seattle

Posted 2 días ago on ago. 2, 2012, 4:04 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt
Seattle organizers will host a free, two-day, political and cultural festival called Everything for Everyone meant to connect people from around the country interested in taking the spirit of Occupy to a new level, aimed at changing everything. Everything for Everyone will be fertile ground for developing a new political and cultural ecosystem where radical ideas, analysis and strategy are shared, debated, challenged, and advanced.
It begins outdoors on Saturday August 11th in Jefferson Park’s Northwest corner on Beacon Hill with a program running from 11am to 7pm, featuring guests from around the country. People will be participating in debates, workshops, panels, live music, and the arts. On Sunday, August 12th, a plenary discussion will take place at the First Baptist Church on Capitol Hill from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. At 9:00 pm, the Festival comes to a close with a live concert and dance party at the nearby Highline Bar.
Organizer Carol Isaac says, ”Occupy’s explosion in the streets exposed the smoldering discontent of millions here and all around the globe. From shutting down banks and the West Coast Ports to directly meeting the daily needs of the suffering, a new force has awakened to challenge the fundamentals of this system. We aim to provide a national meeting toward that end.”
Endorsers of #e4e include the General Assemblies of Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Seattle and Occupy Portland, as well as local and national organizations such as the Black Orchid Collective, the Red Spark Collective, Advance the Struggle and the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement. A few of the performers over the two days will be: The Super 8, Suntonio Bandanaz, DJ Eazeman, JulieC and River Grimm.
A variety of panels, workshops and debates will focus on issues ranging from student and worker organizing, foreclosure defense, revolutionary strategy, and capitalism’s threats to our environment. Other activities will include a film screening, a self-defense class and arts and theatre workshops.
Click here for information if you are interested in attending. See below for Saturday's amazing content!
Leer más...

Our First Anniversary is Fast Approaching + Upcoming Events Aug. 1s...

Posted 3 días ago on ago. 1, 2012, 12:29 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt
September 17, 2011 marked the beginning of Occupy Wall Street, and anticipation for our one-year anniversary is growing as we plan an international convergence in New York City. Everyone is encouraged to join and add their voice during our September 17 planning meetings on Monday evenings. Not in NYC? There's a lot you can do for #S17 even if you're not local as well.

Occupy these Actions and Assemblies

Wednesday, August 1st, 7:30pm
“Jail the Bankers or Abolish the Jails?”
Brecht Forum, 451 West Street, New York
Truthout presents a conversation about American justice today. Join us for a panel discussion about unpunished excesses in the financial sector, police repression and mass incarceration.
Thursday, August 2nd, 6:00pm
Occupy Tech Training - Civi and Salsa
33 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn
We had a great training last week and we are doing it again so more can participate. Using our constituent management database, both strategy and software, it will be an open source CiviCRM and Progressive Proprietary Salsa CRM.
Friday, August 3rd, 4:00pm
Wake Up Wall Street: Condemn Citizens United
Liberty Plaza (Zuccotti Park)
Corporations are not people, money is not speech! Join us for the 3rd in a series of condemnations of Citizens United. As long as our democracy is hijacked by big corporate money, there will be no business as usual. Last time Wake Up Wall Street hit Goldman Sachs. What flagrantly corrupting donor will we surprise this week? We will meet initially at Zucotti park at 6pm, march to confront our target, and then meet for debriefing/think tank after the action at a nearby bar.
Saturday, August 4th, 2:00pm
S17 Education Assembly
Washington Square Park
Saturday, August 4th, 1:00pm
Radical Walking Tours
South Bronx River Watershed – Boston Road @ W Farms Rd.
Engage the city, your body, and others, by putting yourself in motion to engage the political, ecological, and your embodied urban environment – New York City.
Sunday August 5th, 2:00pm
‘Six Ways of Being in Debt’
Washington Square Park
After the weekly Strike Debt meeting, Occupy University invites you to join Richard Dienst, author of "The Bonds of Debt." Richard will offer an outline for different ways people find themselves indebted.
Sunday August 5th, 3:00pm
OWS Archives Public Meeting
Tentative Location* - Judson Memorial Church
“Who will maintain the archives for Occupy Wall Street?” The OWS Archives working group invites OWS activists and the Occupy-interested public to a solutions-oriented discussion on how to deal with our physical items.
Tuesday, August 7th, 4:30pm
#OccupySaks 5th Avenue
5th Avenue and E 50th St.
Telecommunications magnate, and "world's richest man", Carlos Slim is responsible for overcharging Mexico's rural poor over $129 billion. Join Mexico’s Dos Paises Una Voz, Yo Soy 132, labor & Occupy Wall Street activists as we confront Slim at Saks Fifth Avenue, where he owns the largest private stake. We will bum rush the store, and flood it with the 99%.
Tuesday, August 7th, 6:00pm (and every Tuesday)
Cafe de Cleyre: Direct Action Reading & Film Group
16 Beaver Street
From the occupation of Zuccotti Park to the May Day General Strike, the Occupy movement has engaged in direct action. As a result there has been a renewed interest in the concept and its history. Let us take this opportunity to deepen our collective understanding! Facebook page.
Tuesday, August 7th, 6:30pm
Documentaries for the 99%: SIR! NO SIR!” – The G.I. Revolt
Church of the Redeemer, 30-14 Crescent Street at 30th Avenue
Join Occupy Astoria for our ongoing Film Series. The suppressed story of the GI movement to end the war in Vietnam.
Wednesday, August 8th, 5:00-7:30pm
Occupy Gracie Mansion
Gracie Mansion, 1670 York Ave, New York
The Occupy Wall Street Disability Caucus invites you to a non-violent protest action open to all who wish to publicly show their dissent regarding Mayor Bloomberg’s policies against all marginalized groups.
Saturday, August 11th, 11:00am-7:00pm
Occupy Town Square - Long Island/Astoria
Astoria Park, 21 Hoyt Avenue North, Queens
Occupy Astoria LIC will be sponsoring the all-day “Occupy Town Square” democracy gathering and picnic in Astoria Park. This will be the 8th in Occupy Town Square’s series of pop-up occupations!
Daily #OccupyUnionSq Info Table
Every day Occupy Union Square has an info table open and staffed, acting as a hub to promote the constant flurry of events and meetings occurring across OWS.

For Text Message alerts on your cellphone about daily events, actions, and important information, sign up for the ComHub SMS blasts by texting @owscom to 23559.

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