Neighbours in the Face of the Imperial Power

February 28, 2011

by Arnold August

How emotional it was to see the neighbours in Santiago de Las Vegas and Nuevo Gerona greeting, respectively, Moisés Rodríguez and Carlos Serpa with tears of joy and pride, with hugs and kisses, with slogans to express all their political feelings.

What a great contribution the journalists of the local Victoria digital newspaper (Isla de la Juventud) made against disinformation: They highlighted right in the very first paragraph that the uprising in their town was not to satisfy the dirty aspirations of the USA, but rather to receive Carlos.

Cubans owe a lot to Carlos and Moisés as do all of us who fully support Cuba's right to self-determination without any interference by the US or any other foreign power. The neighbours and Victoria (what a very appropriate name) dealt a most important blow to the latest media war being waged by the imperial powers and their pawns: A vicious and persistent disinformation campaign attempting to provoke an uprising in Cuba based on the "Egyptian model" or at least discredit the Cuban revolution and its historical leadership. Victoria did very well by paying the enemies back in kind by showing to the whole world what an uprising at the grass roots level looks like in Cuba with its noble goals and aspirations of sovereignty and socialism.

The neighbours and the journalists also showed in most vivid terms that the slogan of the CDRs," "Revolution in Every Neighbourhood", is true. This is another warning to the US and all those who collaborate with it to stay out of Cuba's internal affairs!

Rather than trying to find fault with Cuba, the US should free the Cuban Five. The latest chapter of  Razones de Cuba shows once again the cynical and persistent attempts of the US to undermine the Cuban Revolution using any means necessary. The Cuban Five are in US penitentiaries for striving to put an end to the worst manifestations of this interference and provocation, that is the use of terrorism against Cuba. Cubans and people all over the world are demanding the release of the Cuban Five and the end of interference by the US in Cuba's internal affairs. It is only just that the Cuban Five can return to Cuba, to their families and neighbours as did Moisés and Carlos. The latter showed in their statements in the documentary and on television that the heroic work that they did in the ranks of the mercenaries -- yes mercenaries, this is what they are, this film proves it once again -- is linked to the need to free the Cuban Five.

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