What is Twitter?

Twitter is a distinctive take on the social networking norms defined by Facebook. Instead of a closely knit group of users sharing experiences and personal info between themselves, Twitter was designed from the outset to provide a more open forum for discussing news, ideas and information.

Built around brief upgrades Twittercan sum up whatever the tweeter is doing, generally much much better when compared to a dedicated site can. It’s – that is quickly basically real time and due to the essential ideology behind it, may be used on your own telephone, from a website or from a pc. There are standalone programs for tablet computers, telephones and computers making it easy to keep individuals informed about what you’re doing. Twitter is totally free to use, as well.

It’s worth bearing in mind the public nature of Twitter could be a double-edged sword because is entirely public. And once it’s out there, it’s pretty much not possible to retract it, so be aware of the way you talk to your followers.

What makes it cool?


Everyone from A-list celebs to NASA’s Fascination Rover, and from presidents to the Pope could be found by what they’ve been up to lately tweeting. When united with images, videos and links, it can result in a living, breathing encounter that’s of what exactly is going on on earth at the forefront.

On top of that, you do need certainly to post anything to join in. Simply follow a few people that you're thinking about and you’ll immediately find lots of nuggets of tips and news that make the service worthwhile. Following merely a handful of folks will shortly have your Twitter feed filling up with media news and links that are intriguing.

So what can I do with it?


That means tweets have a tendency to be precise and well thought out, or rapid remarks and ideas. Tweets give an obvious impression of what’s especially when combined with hashtags, which are a strategy to group similar tweets going on at any time.

Big name tweeters provide a straightforward inroad into what Twitter is focused on and why you could use it. News services, such as @BBCBreaking, use followers to be alerted by Twitter to events, often before the story appears on TV channels and websites.

Of course, Twitter works both ways, and also you could tell others what you’re doing, too. That makes it a useful marketing tool for businesses that are small, particularly if you're able to get local groups to follow you and retweet your posts.


Inevitably, this means you’ll make more money, get more exposure, more visitors to your website to mention few advantages. That is why, businesses and individual marketers alike have been striving to uncover different ways get presence that was more social and to enhance their followers list.

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